Our Services

ACC is a full service provider of networking solutions for networks as small as 2 computers to several hundred. We specialize in upgrading existing networks, to designing, installing, testing, and maintaining their daily operation.  

ACC can assist with setting up and running your network securely with VPN, firewall, anti-virus, content filtering and anti-spam solutions. We can lockdown your wireless network and test your infrastructure for any security holes.

Mobile Devices 
From Android to Blackberry devices, we provide support for all devices including Windows Mobile and IPhones.   Our solutions will provide you with the transparency that you are looking for, so that your calendar, contacts and email are the same on your phone as they are on your desktop.    We also offer customizations for Android devices all the way down to the firmware level.

Data Recovery
We offer services to help you get your data back from deleted files and corrupt hard drives. It doesn't stop there, we also assist with recovery of passwords, Exchange email, deleted files and corrupt files. 

Cabling and Network Connectivity 
​We offer CAT 5, internet sharing, and wireless solutions. From new buildings to single cable runs, we can meet your needs for network connectivity. 

​Websites, Online Web Presence, and custom development
​We can provide you with Domain Name Registration and web hosting services and can set up your companies internet presence, including assistance with increasing your ranking on top search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.  We also have developers that work closely with our company to make custom solutions to meet your companies needs.  Call us today for more information.